The 5 Best Metal Amps Under $500

Metal player

Let’s face facts. Metal costs money. If you are a metal guitarist, chances are that you fantasize about rocking stadiums with the same kind of ultra-expensive hardware your influences play. You want the best guitar amp under 500 dollars for that perfect metal sound. Comparison Table of Best Metal Amps Under $500 Big expensive amps … Read more

6 Best Cheap Bass Amps Under $500 (Heads & Combos)

Bass player

Everybody looking for new gear is looking for a good deal. That’s just the way life is. The only problem is it is often tough to tell the quality affordable gear from stuff that is just plain cheap. Something that carries a low price but sounds bad or breaks down a lot is no deal … Read more

11 Best Practice Amps & Small Guitar Amps for 2020

Small guitar amp

Small guitar amps may not be as glamorous as their arena-shaking stacked up cousins but they are a daily go-to item for many guitarists. Many find them just the ticket for practice, rehearsal, small gigs, and sessions. They are easy to haul, not overly loud, and usually are pretty affordable. Comparison Table of Best Practice … Read more