The Best 1×12 Guitar Cabinets for the Money

Sometimes guitar players forget just how useful and toneful the lowly 1×12 speaker cabinet can be. 1×12 cabs don’t get the respect accorded to their larger 4×12, 4×10, and 2×12 counterparts and that’s a shame. 1×12 Guitar Cabinet Comparison Table These days, those bigger cabs are all kinds of overkill for the rooms most of … Read more

The Best Cheap Guitar Cabs for the Money

Guitar cabinets

Guitar speaker cabinets are a hugely important but often overlooked part of any player’s signal chain. Though they usually look like plain and nondescript boxes, they are actually incredibly varied in terms of their sound, construction, the number of speakers, and a host of other factors. Table of Best Cheap Guitar Cabinets It’s vital for … Read more