Guitar tone

How to Get Great Guitar Tone Without Breaking the Bank

“Tone” is every guitarists’ favorite four-letter word. We all have this idea of how we want our instrument to sound and we all chase it. Quite often, we spend oodles of money and effort...
Guitar practice

5 Guitar Practice Routine Tips for Maximum Achievement

Practicing is the boost and the bane of all musicians. It’s the only way any of us become one, in the first place. You can read all the articles and watch all the videos...
How to mic a cabinet

How to Mic a Guitar Amp Like a Pro

Modern guitar players live in a world where direct recording, amp models, and software are great-sounding everyday realities. It’s never been easier than it is right now to get an outstanding direct guitar sound...

Here’s How to Build a Guitar Amp Cabinet + Free Plans Inside

Building your own guitar amp cabinet is a great way to get into DIY projects. What might seem like a daunting task, is actually not that hard at all. The key is to take things...

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