Bass Cabs

4 of the Best 15 Inch Bass Cabinets for The Money

There comes a time on many bass player's careers when a standard 4x10 speaker cab just doesn't cut it anymore. Whether it is the improved lower reach - or just additional girth you are looking...
Marshall cabs

The 5 Best Guitar Amp Speakers Ever Created

A lot of guitar players out there don’t always think about how each and every piece of their gear creates their amplified sound.Everything from the pick you hold to the mic you put in...
Eminence BassLite C2515

3 of the Best Bass Amp Replacement Speakers

Building a specific tone is a journey that takes both time and effort. There are many factors that come into play here, from your guitar's tonewood and pickups to your choice of amplifiers. However, once...
Guitar cabinets

6 of the Best Cheap Guitar Cabs

Guitar speaker cabinets are a hugely important but often overlooked part of any player’s signal chain. Though they usually look like plain and nondescript boxes, they are actually incredibly varied in terms of their...

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